The Faith Academy Band has a strong tradition of excellence in performance. Beginning in grade 5 and continuing through the 12th grade, our bands have consistently received superior ratings at regional, state, national events. Our students receive quality instruction on their instrument helping them to develop their talents and give them confidence in their ability as musicians. Students are exposed to a variety of musical experiences during their time in band which helps prepare them for their next level. Faith Academy offers several extracurricular performing ensembles including Jazz Band and The Faith Academy Ramcorps.

Band Directors:

Mr. Kent Fyock –

Mr. Tyler Martin-


Color Guard

The Color Guard consist of girls grades 9-12.


Mrs. Sharla Raulerson –

Ms. Delaney Grizzle-

Dance Team

Dance Team consists of girls grades 7-12.


Ms. Morgan Novay –


Choir: The Faith Academy Choral program consists of four performing ensembles that meet daily. These choirs encompass grades 5-12 and offer students a well-rounded choral experience including genres like popular, sacred, and classical music. Our choirs have numerous performance opportunities during the year allowing them to develop as performers. The Faith Academy choir has received numerous accolades and awards over the years for their outstanding musical ability. The Faith Academy Chamber Singers is the programs premiere performing ensemble consisting of 9th-12th graders.

Choir Director:

Ms. Amanda Goins –


All elementary classes (1-5) go to music once a week.

Elementary Music teacher and 5th grade Choir Director: 

Ms. Morgan Cleveland-


The Faith Academy DRAMA DEPARTMENT offers several opportunities for students to demonstrate their acting talents each year. The Chapel Drama Team (grades 7-12) presents human videos, musical interpretations, dramatic monologues and short skits for students during chapel sessions and for the general public throughout the year. Through these dramatic episodes, students are able to not only demonstrate their talents, but also to use their talents to positively influence the decisions made by their peers and others in their community. In addition to this chapel drama team, drama students perform at least three plays during the school year. The production types alternate annually between two rotations. Each year, the FA Drama Team (grades 7th – 12th) presents two productions alternating between full-length plays and musical productions. Our drama department has produced over 44 plays, 7 musicals, & two short films in its fourteen years of existence. Forty-eight students have been named to the All-State Drama Cast.

Drama Director:

Mrs. Alisha Waite –