Financial Aid

Each SGO(scholarship granting organization) has its own application process, deadline, and requirements. Although we accept funding from the organizations, we have no influence on the decisions of those students/families that are awarded.

The SGO’s only award to K5-12th grade students.  Priority always goes to students who are zoned to attend a school that is listed as a “failing school”. Scholarship application season is March-May.  You need to check websites often.
Failing Schools in Mobile County for 2020-21:
Ben C. Rain High School
Mattie T.Blount High School
Calloway Smith Middle School
Pillans Middle School
John L. Leflore Magnet School
Chastang-Fournier Middle School
Lillie B Williamson High School

The scholarship-Scholarship opportunities for students that are care givers for their parents or grandparents.