Course of Study

Faith Academy offers Standard Diplomas, College Preparatory with Advanced Academic Endorsement Diplomas, and College Preparatory with Advanced Career/Technical Endorsements. After carefully deciding which diploma you are seeking, make your course selections. In order to facilitate scheduling and to keep classes balanced, students must stay within their chosen course of study. Exceptions will be made, but on an individual basis and for valid reasons only. All students must have 28 credits in order to graduate.

Course of Study documents for 7th through 12th grade

University of Alabama Early College

UA Early College offers college credit, online, to qualified high school students. Download the FastFacts brochure.

  • Online Courses, On Your Own Time, Available 24/7
  • Opportunity: Start Your College Transcript With The UA Standard Of Excellence, Available Wherever You Have High-Speed Internet
  • Options: Courses Satisfy College General Education Requirements In Many Disciplines; Complement And Supplement Your Rigorous High School Curriculum.
  • Ongoing Support From SACS-Accredited Instructors, Peer Coaches, And Student And Parent Services Staff.
  • On-Campus Classes And Residential Experience Will Be Available During Summer Term!

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